AmourFeel Review: Ratings, Membership Base, Features

Updated on Sep 2023

Amourfeel, a revolutionary online dating service, captivates lonely hearts seeking meaningful connections. This platform piques curiosity with its innovative matchmaking system, catering to diverse relationship aspirations.

Alluring features like video chat and instant messaging enhance user experience, while profile verification boosts confidence in finding genuine companionship. Consequently, singles find themselves enamored by the possibility of discovering their soulmate.

So, why hesitate? Explore Amourfeel’s welcoming community, where romance blossoms, and embark on a journey to love and fulfillment. Experience the thrill of meeting your perfect match and commence your quest for a passionate connection.

Important Facts about Amourfeel Dating Website

Amourfeel, an international online dating service launched in 2017, has captivated over 5.4 million registered users, including approximately 470,000 monthly active participants. Catering to singles seeking diverse relationships, the majority of female users hail from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, while male users predominantly reside in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The user-friendly Pay-As-You-Go pricing model relies on credits, with payments accepted through Credit Cards, PayPal, and mobile options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Accessible in English, Amourfeel boasts a 24% success rate for men finding long-term relationships in 2022, despite the absence of a mobile app, offering only mobile and desktop versions.

Important Facts about Amourfeel Dating Website

Success Rate, User Reviews, and Overall AmourFeel Rating

AmourFeel, a popular online dating platform, has garnered an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, according to user reviews. Prospective members keen on finding a partner for a relationship should note the following statistics for a better understanding of satisfaction levels and types of relationships best suited for this service.

Users have praised the relevance and accuracy of matches, search functionality, and profile quality as the most favorable aspects of the platform. However, the lack of a mobile app and customer service remain areas of concern. Importantly, 16% of verified members have reported finding long-term relationships on AmourFeel, while 65% of users express satisfaction with their experience on the platform.

Moreover, the dating service boasts 17 success stories shared by users, highlighting its potential for fostering meaningful connections. These statistics offer valuable insights into the effectiveness and suitability of AsianCharm for individuals seeking a relationship.

What Kind of Member Base Does Dating Website Amourfeel Have?

The membership base of the Amourfeel dating website encompasses a diverse and active community. With over 5.4 million registered and verified user profiles, the platform boasts approximately 470,000 monthly active users on average over the past three months. The gender mix index reveals a relatively balanced distribution, with male users constituting 52% and female users making up 48% of the membership.

Age-wise, the most active female members fall within the 25-34 age group, accounting for 34% of the demographic. The 18-24 and 35-44 age groups follow closely behind at 17% and 20%, respectively, while the 45-54 age group represents 15%. Geographically, the highest percentage of active female members originates from Eastern European countries, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus, collectively comprising 74% of the female user base. This diverse and lively community ensures ample opportunities for connection on Amourfeel.

Free and Paid Amourfeel Features

Amourfeel, an engaging online dating platform, offers both free and paid features designed to facilitate meaningful connections. Prospective members can access free features, including profile creation, search functionality, advanced search filters, basic matching algorithms employed by the dating site, and customer support. These complimentary offerings provide a solid foundation for users to explore and assess the platform’s potential.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Amourfeel presents an array of paid features accessible through the purchase of credits. These premium options encompass a variety of communication tools, such as messaging, sending videos, mailing, icebreakers, and virtual gifts, which enable users to establish deeper connections with potential matches. By investing in credits, members can unlock the full potential of Amourfeel, thereby increasing their chances of finding a compatible partner and fostering a lasting relationship.

Amourfeel Service Model: Prices, Payment Methods, Refund Policy

Amourfeel operates on a freemium, credit-based service model, which allows users to enjoy a range of free and premium features. This model offers flexibility to members, enabling them to choose and spend credits on various communication options according to their preferences and needs.

As a member of Amourfeel, you can purchase credit packs at different price points to access the platform’s premium features. These packs are available as follows:

  • 20 credits for $9.99
  • 50 credits for $19.99
  • 125 credits for $44.99
  • 250 credits for $69.99
  • 750 credits for $149.99

The credit-based system empowers users to manage their expenses while engaging with potential partners. By investing in credits, members can access a variety of communication tools, such as messaging, video sharing, and virtual gifts, to enhance their interactions and establish meaningful connections on Amourfeel. This flexible pricing model ensures users can tailor their experience based on their individual requirements and budget constraints, ultimately leading to a more personalized and enjoyable dating journey.

Payment Methods Accepted at Amourfeel

Amourfeel offers users a variety of secure and convenient payment methods for purchasing credit packs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. The available payment options include the following:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
  • Mobile payment (Apple Pay or Google Wallet)
  • PayPal

Members can rest assured that there are no extra surcharges on their purchases, and the acquired credits will be added to their accounts within a few minutes. This swift and straightforward process allows users to quickly access the platform’s premium features and fully engage with potential partners on Amourfeel.

Amourfeel Refund Policy

The Amourfeel dating site offers a standard refund policy, which allows users to request a refund within 14 days of purchase. The refund conditions are as follows: the user must not have used any paid features on the site and must provide a valid reason for requesting a refund. Proof of purchase, such as a receipt or transaction ID, is required for all refund requests. Remember that this policy is subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to review the most current version before making a purchase.

What Communication Options Are Available at Amourfeel?

Effective communication plays a crucial role in online dating, as it lays the foundation for building meaningful connections and understanding between potential partners. Amourfeel offers its members a variety of communication options that cater to different user preferences and relationship goals. These options include:

  • Textual live chat: Ideal for real-time conversations, allowing users to engage in dynamic exchanges. It costs two credits per minute.
  • Sending and opening videos: Provides a more personal touch to communication, enabling users to share visual moments. 50 credits per attachment.
  • Virtual gifts: Demonstrates affection and interest, with costs varying from 60 to 700 credits depending on the type of gift.
  • Arranging a date: Facilitates face-to-face meetings and deepens connections, possible only by mutual agreement. It costs 625 credits.
  • Sending mails: Allows users to send longer, more thoughtful messages. The first mail costs ten credits, while subsequent emails are 30 credits each.
  • Stickers and emojis: Enhances the fun and expressiveness of conversations, available for free.
  • These diverse communication tools on Amourfeel cater to various relationship needs, helping users build lasting connections with their matches.

Searching for a Potential Match at Amourfeel Dating Site

The search process in online dating is crucial for discovering potential partners who share common interests, values, and preferences. Efficient search functionality contributes to a more effective and satisfying experience in finding a suitable match. Amourfeel’s search functionality offers an extensive selection of filters, ensuring that users can narrow down their options and focus on individuals who meet their criteria.

I recall my experience on a different dating platform where the lack of diverse search filters led to wasted time and disappointing matches. It made me realize the importance of having a well-designed search functionality.

Amourfeel’s free basic search filters include:

  • Age range filter
  • Gender
  • Location filter
  • Sexual orientation
  • Relationship type filter
  • Occupation filter
  • Children filter

For those seeking a more refined search, Amourfeel provides advanced filters, which include:

  • Interests filter
  • Educational filter
  • Height and body type
  • Ethnicity filters
  • Smoking and drinking habits
  • Religion

By offering both basic and advanced search filters, Amourfeel enhances the online dating experience, allowing users to find the perfect match with greater ease and efficiency.

Quality and Completeness of Amourfeel Members’ Profiles

Amourfeel’s member profiles, particularly female profiles, stand out due to their high quality and informativeness. A thorough examination of more than 100 profiles from both men and women revealed an impressive average of 76% of fields completed and 71% of questions answered. This level of profile completeness ensures that users have ample information to assess compatibility before initiating communication.

Furthermore, the authenticity and quality of the photos in women’s profiles are commendable, with many profiles featuring multiple high-quality images. This visual aspect enhances the user experience and provides a better understanding of potential matches.

Required profile information at Amourfeel includes:

  • Profile photo
  • Personal information
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Body type
  • Relationship goals

This comprehensive profile information enables users to make informed decisions when evaluating potential matches, leading to more successful and meaningful connections on the Amourfeel platform.

Safety and Security Measures on Amourfeel Dating Site

Ensuring a positive online dating experience necessitates thoroughly checking out potential site members, as doing so helps maintain a secure and trustworthy environment. Careful examination of prospective members allows users to build connections confidently, knowing that they are interacting with genuine individuals. Amourfeel acknowledges the significance of security and safety measures, implementing numerous strategies to protect its users and foster a safe online dating space.

User profiles on Amourfeel undergo a rigorous authentication process, which includes:

  • Email verification
  • SMS verification
  • Two-factor authentication

Amourfeel is also proactive in identifying and blocking unscrupulous users and scammers, employing various methods to maintain the integrity of its platform:

  • Fraud detection
  • Moderation
  • Report abuse functionality
  • Block users feature

By prioritizing safety and implementing a multi-layered approach to profile verification, Amourfeel fosters a secure and reliable platform, allowing members to focus on cultivating meaningful relationships.

How Effective Is Site’s Customer Support?

Amourfee’s developers understand the importance of offering efficient customer support to its users, providing various channels for assistance. Users can reach out to the customer support team through several avenues, ensuring that they receive prompt and effective help with any questions or concerns. The available options for contacting Amourfeel’s customer support include the following:

In addition to these communication methods, Amourfeel boasts an impressive response time, with users typically receiving assistance within 2-6 hours. The platform’s customer support service operates around the clock, offering 24/7 availability for users in need. Furthermore, support is provided in English, catering to a broad user base. To supplement these support channels, Amourfeel also features a comprehensive FAQ section and a knowledge base, allowing users to find answers to common queries independently.

What Is Our Verdict on Amourfeel Online Dating Service?

In conclusion, our experience with Amourfeel’s dating platform left us thoroughly impressed. The user-friendly interface, high-quality profiles, and exceptional search functionality all contribute to a captivating journey for those seeking a potential partner. This platform is a fantastic choice for individuals looking to connect with someone special from Ukraine or the Russian Federation. With Amourfeel, you’ll find that your quest for love is an engaging and enjoyable adventure.

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