LavaLife Review – A Comprehensive Look at the Features and Benefits

Updated on Apr 2023

One cannot disregard online dating due to personal reasons. In modern society, people opt for this kind rather than in person. is a great example. If people start catching up with the times, they will understand that we owe a lot of modern technologies. the latter makes our life easier and happier. As a result, one should grasp the idea that love is everywhere, even on the Internet.

LavaLife Site

In A Nutshell

Life is like a zebra with its black and white stripes going in turn. Even online dating can face some troubles or hardships. is not something unusual. It does not deserve too much praise. Still, there are quite enough reviews to make sure that it is worth trying.



  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Matching system
  • Funny
  • Long-term relationships


  • Expensive
  • Scam

LavaLife.Com At A Glance

  • Linked with other social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • App: iOS and Android
  • Area: North America

What Is

The first LavaLife log in dates back to 1987. Its main audience was North American individuals. For more than 30 years, the number of users has been increased to 17 000. These are only active members who log in regularly. The online dating platform does also pays attention to interaction. It is not only about relationships between people who are in the seek of the future spouse. They also resort to making some videos that can help in dating and bring some fun.

How Does Work?

LavaLife dating site is available also as a mobile version. The workings are the same regardless of whatever device you are using. Almost all the functions are available with the first payment. The main idea is to answer honestly to the questions asked before. With the first money paid, the service will work on the suggestions for you.

The messages may be sent to everyone you want. You may do it immediately while looking through the profile. As a sign of attention, men can send a wink or like not to seem too imposing.

There is no such thing as a date arrangement by the service itself. It requires setting up the place and time on your own.

Sign Up / Registration

The signup process will take some time. LavaLife dating site reviews say that sometimes they spend up to 15 minutes. First of all, you indicate only your email address and name. Later on, you are to answer some simple questions. You are to indicate your height and annual income. Please note, without photos uploaded you are not allowed to browse the website. Sometimes, it may act up and the registration process stops.

After everything is done, the registration is followed by some portfolio questions which will make up the general look of the profile. Oftentimes, it may happen that due to some reasons you are prevented from proceeding. The system is not ideal.

LavaLife Dating Site

Search & Profile Quality

The search page is not fully developed. Some main filters are added to make at least something possible. In general, you can indicate the age preferred, distance and purpose of dating. For people with Membership, there is no need to use the search page at all.

Profiles are great comparatively. The main pearl of the account lies in the pictures. As the review of LavaLife states, photos in most cases are professional. It is possible to upload several of them. The online service even advises doing this.

The account interface is divided into two main parts. Both of them contain the same data from different perspectives. One is always to write about desired traits in their future partner and vice verse.


Is LavaLife safe? Despite encrypted systems and certification, the LavaLife online dating platform struggles to tackle fraud and scams. The confirmation method does not work always. As a result, a very big campaign was done to reach out to people.

Its famous 7 dating tips include the main points of dating in real-time. Thus, it is important to inform at least two other people about your upcoming date. Also, the service reveals 5 main indications of scammers. Ideally, they have an impact on members.

Help & Support

Frequently asked questions consist of 5 main sections that aim at satisfying members’ inquiries. The first one explains how online dating website works. The other ones do touch the questions about billing and privacy. Still, you will never find an answer to: “is LavaLife good?”

In case, you have some more requests, you can send them directly through the webform. You may find it in the Contact us section. You are to indicate your name, email address, subject, and the message itself.

Prices & Plans

Starting from 2015, the dating service has launched a new system of Membership plans. The main criterion to divide them is duration. 1 month costs almost 20 dollars. There are also three and six months’ plans available. The cheapest price per month is available on the biggest plan for half a year. The total price for 6 months is 89,99 dollars.


Finding out the truth about LavaLife does not influence the thinking of the members. In general, it is an online dating website that reflects the same viewpoints as all the others. Here are no age and nationality restrictions, as each of the users is the representative of a different age group or citizenship.

LavaLife Dating


How Do I Use Messaging System On

To get to the messages, the members are to click on the envelope button. This icon can be found in notifications which shows the number of unread notes. The notification page will be clear as soon as you read all of them. You may delete any and even block the user from the message center.

Is Legit?

Its Terms of use was signed in 2011. They are still effective, but not renewed. Nonetheless, this online dating service considers itself as a legit platform with lots of certificates. All the policies are available for everyone, so one can easily check them.

What If I Cannot Sign Up On

Sometimes, the service may act up. There can be some fixing. It is recommended and try it again. Make sure, all the information is not fake. Oftentimes, the data is rejected by the platform as suspicious. A user is not always informed. In case, everything is filled in correctly, contact the service center.

Can I Log In To From My Mobile Phone?

The service is available for iOs and Android as well. In order to download the app, you are to use PlayMarket or AppStore depending on the operating system your device has. The name of the app coincides with one of the websites. You may enter your login and password you have indicated from the computer.

Is free?

The online dating service offers free sign up as well as the first week of trial. During this term, members can use all the functions to the fullest. After the trial ends, the users are notified about the period expiration for them to pay. All the billing information is indicated on the website or in the message informing about the end of the trial. The payment methods are PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

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