Chatib Review: An In-Depth Look at an Online Chatting and Dating Platform

Updated on Apr 2023

It is one of the newest dating platforms. If you are one of the many people looking for a good experience, try might not be part of those other dating platforms ranked as the top dating sites in the world. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find your romantic partner using the site. It provides members with a platform to chat with single women and men from all parts of the world. It allows users to engage in group chats and also have a private conversation. Most people join the Chatib dating site to search for their soul mates. The site has been on online dating for a few years. It has, however, gained enough popularity to say that it is an excellent website. The following review will show you why you should use this site to find your dream girl.

main page Chatib

Pros and cons


  • Price-performance  – 7.0
  • Partners suggestions –  6.5
  • Services – 6.0
  • Ease of use – 6.5
  • Free features – 5.5
  • Safety – 7.0

Pros and cons


  1. You will spend nothing to use the site

Unlike other dating platforms that you will have to pay to enjoy the services provided, in, everything is free. Some other websites allow free members to create their profile and view other users’ profiles only. Free members cannot communicate with other members. In the Chatib dating site, everything is free, from registration to finding a date. Therefore if you are looking for a completely free website, do not go too far. Choose Chatib.

  1. They have many chat rooms.

The site focuses more on providing their users with excellent platforms that they can use to chat with each other. Therefore they provide them with several chat rooms, each with different topics. They ensure that they give every issue that one may need. The experience that they have helps them to know what most people want to talk about with users. Therefore you can be sure that on this website, you can find any topic you want to talk about with users.

  1. You do not have to register for you to log in

In most dating platforms, you cannot see what the site offers unless you register. When it comes to Chatib log in, you can do it without registering. You do not have to register for you to view the site. They do this to ensure that only those interested in the website end up registering.


  1. The site will log you out automatically if your account is inactive at any time

The website discourages users from being inactive at any point in time. Therefore they will log you out if you are inactive even for a short time. Unlike other sites, you cannot afford to be inactive. at a glance

  1. Best for: the website is mainly for those who love to chat with people. It provides multiple chat rooms for such people. It is also for those singles who would like to find their romantic partner.
  2. The number of members: since the platform is new, it does not have many users like the other established websites. However, they have enough members for you to find your dream girl
  3. Recommended age: any person can use the site even the old aged expect from those who have not attained the age of 18 years.
  4. Favorite features: they do not have may feature, but the most used one is the use of chat rooms.

About/ what is

Most of the Chatib dating site reviews have shown that the site is primarily for chatting. Although, through chatting, you can find your dream girl. The website does not request any payment whatsoever. They offer many chat rooms that people can join, depending on the topic you want. You can also send private messages, and you can be sure that they will remain confidential. It is because they ensure they follow all the privacy policy.  The good thing about the site is that any person from any part of the world can join the website. Most of the users are from India, the United States, and Canada. Since the site is free, they will always attract someone new daily. Therefore you can be sure that you will find someone to talk to on the site

How does work?

What makes this site different from the others is that you can start a conversation with other users without registering. You can choose if you want to register or not. The site has several chat rooms that you can join. Each chat room has a different topic that you will discuss. Therefore you will join a chat room that has the item you want to talk about with other users. You will get to talk to new people without paying anything. There are almost fifteen to thirty people in one chat room. If you are looking for a wife on this site, you will have to be a patient person. It is because sometimes people might take longer to reply. The site does not discriminate against anyone. You will find straight people, gays, and even lesbians on the website.

Sign up/registration

As much as you can use the platform without signing up, they still have the option for you to register. The following is a simple step by step procedure you can use to sign up.

  • Go to the website

When you visit the site, the first thing you will see is the registration page. You will then hit ‘register.’

  • Basic details

The next page after registering is the page where they will ask you some questions about you. You will provide other users details like your location, age, gender, and gender preference.

  • Login details and confirmation

The next page is for you to provide your username and your password. They request you to provide a password that is strong for safety measures. They will also provide you with password suggestions. After that, they will confirm your registration and send the confirmation messages on the email address you would have provided.

registration Chatib

Search and profile quality

The site does not have an advanced search. They provide a basic search for its users. However, they have excellent searching engines that will ensure you get the girl that you have been dreaming to have. According to many reviews, there have been no complaints when it comes to matching. They also verify all profiles regularly to minimize the cases of fake profiles.


They value the safety of its users and therefore ensure they provide maximum security to them. They do it by verifying all profiles using SSL encryption code to ensure the women you are talking to are real.  They check all payments made using a visa card and master card security code t prevent any fraud from taking place.

Help and support

They ensure that the site is free from hackers and malware by employing industry-standard authentication and security measures. They also use third-party security providers to ensure that all your confidential details do not reach any third-party. The site offers its users with ‘Contact us’ facility that is operational 24/7. The primary purpose of this facility is helping any user-facing any challenge at any time on the site.

Cost and prices

The truth about is that everything on the site is free from registration to communication. They do not have any subscription costs or purchasing credits. It makes it a good website for those people who cannot afford other chat sites that require payment.


There is no doubt that is a good chat site that can help you to find your dream girl. The above review of has proven that to you.


 Is Chatib safe?

Yes, it is. It verifies the profiles of each user.

Can someone do anything else on the site?

Yes, you can. The website allows you to join chat rooms or engage in private chats with anyone you want.

Is Chatib good?

Yes, it is. You will make new friends and luckily your soul mate.

Is Chatib legit?

Yes, it is. It makes an effort to ensure that it does not have fake profiles.

Why does an uploaded photo show after signing up?

It is because before it shows, the moderators must first approve it.

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