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Updated on Apr 2023

The world of free online dating can be rather tempting since you get to enjoy the experience without having to pay any money for it. But it can also get really messy. If you care about the quality of your experience, you should consider signing up for a paid dating site since the advantages of it are infinite. In this article, we highlight what makes paid dating so alluring as well as share wonderful sites to hop on. The list of the best platforms is made due to our opinion in relevance that they may be worth trying for you.

A famous saying goes: money cannot buy happiness. By all means, this is true! There is so much more to this life than having a thick roll of cash. And, of course, no money can make a person genuinely love you as there has to be chemistry between the two of you. Real true love is an independent feeling that can neither be created nor altered in any way by the materialistic things. However, who said the money could not help you slightly on your way to happiness? After all, we live in a capitalist world that has its laws. So, while the success of achieving the end goal is always up to you and your personal traits, the method used can vary depending on how big of an investment you are willing to make.

Why Online Dating Sites

One of the most asked questions that arise within the online dating community is why would you pay money for using dating websites or apps if you can find free alternatives. Well, the truth is, while there are definitely some decent free dating apps out there, even they have a premium version that lands you into a completely different plane of extensive more efficient dating. Take Tinder, for instance. Of course, you can be swiping for free, but the number of swipes is limited for those using the standard version. Moreover, the premium version gains you access to such amazing tools as top picks and seeing the people who have already liked you so that you could stop wasting your time on others. So, you can already see a pattern emerging. Everything has its additional benefits if you are willing to pay for the upgraded version. However, this is only the beginning!


Benefits of Paid Online Dating Sites

If we take a closer look at actual paid dating apps and paid dating sites, we can notice that they are worth every penny we pay for using them. Let us start with the apparent advantages of dating for money. First of all, it is evident that having to pay a fee for using a service or signing up for a platform allows the website to maintain a peaceful, respectful atmosphere. As it casts away a large portion of people, who do not share the same serious intentions as the existing members of the paid dating site. Moreover, it also scares off plenty of fakes and scammers since it is not beneficial for them to pay money for the service and therefore lose some of their profit if they can just go to a site that is free.

Secondly, when you pay for a platform, what you really pay for is not only the development of all the outstanding features that make it much easier to communicate with your matches, but also for the work of the support team, moderation team specifically. The fee you pay partially goes towards the salary of those people who help maintain the website a safe space by watching after the guidelines being followed. They take care of all the reports and regularly monitor the paid dating site to eradicate any fraudulent activity that could be happening. This includes manual verification of profiles to ensure no catfish get on the platform etc.

At last, but definitely not at least, we cannot claim that the money you pay for the paid dating sites is big. In fact, it is a relatively small fee that is a fair price for all the cool features that become accessible to you and are not available to those choosing to stick with the free dating sites and apps. In the long run, the money you pay for the paid dating sites is less than the money you would have wasted on dates of the free platforms. Free platforms rarely guarantee the compatibility of you and your match and often match people based on minimal information. That is why chances are you will end up wasting a fortune on dates that are doomed from the start because the person you are going out with is straightaway incompatible with you. In the situation, with paid dating sites, you can be sure that the extensive matching algorithms will get your preferences just right.

However, despite having one thing in common — a fee — all paid dating sites are quite different. So you have to first clarify it for yourself what you are looking for and then carry out small research in order to find the platform that would suit your needs perfectly. Or, alternatively, you can take our advice and have a look at this top of best-paid dating sites.

Best Paid Dating Platforms


Match Truly is one of the titans of online dating, this platform is well-known within the community and widely respected by those looking for love online. This is largely because of how professional the team behind this platform is. They are extremely great at doing it all from keeping the service clean from bots and fakes to frequently releasing updates with a lot of new features. In fact, the features that this site offers for the money its members pay for it is something that makes it so universally well-liked.

First of all, the site is built in such a way that it is extremely easy to navigate. It has an intuitive interface, and the registration process takes no longer than a couple of minutes. After that, you fill out an explicit questionnaire that allows the system to place you in the database and analyze your preferences and lifestyle so that it could later match you with other profiles on the site. The matching algorithm of MatchTruly is genuinely genius as it adjusts itself as you continue to use the site.

Moreover, apart from getting a bunch of match suggestions based on the information you provide, you can also benefit from browsing the extensive catalog of profiles of other users. However, since the member base of MatchTruly is really huge, and is actively growing, you might want to turn to the advanced search tool that allows you to filter profiles in accordance with specific criteria.

And if you are still not sold to this platform, it cares about the safety and protection of its members in terms of payment transactions. It is always a bit scary to give your credit card details to sites online, but you should not be worried in the case of MatchTruly as the site uses a transparent SSL encryption protocol protected payment system.


Ukrainian Charm is somewhat smaller than the previous site, but it’s only because it’s not international in terms of profiles its features, but rather focuses on brides of a particular descend. This site is perfect if you have been inspired by the beauty of Slav women that is recognized worldwide. If you ever wondered where you could meet one of these beauties, the answer is right in front of you! Ukrainian Charm has more than 400 thousand profiles of hot brides registered on the website, so your matching session will, without a doubt be fruitful.

However, if you do not feel like browsing through the entire database of the site, you can enjoy all the benefits of an elaborate search tool that can narrow down your search to the specifics such as age, height, marital status, languages, etc. And when you find the perfect one you have been looking for, you can use all the variety of features that facilitate communication of the highest quality. On this site, you can not only text people but also have voice and video chats with them, exchange real-life gifts, or even receive help in organizing a real-life meeting. But even if you prefer to stick to the messages for the first time, this platform can boast a well-designed mobile app that ensures you can access Ukrainian Charm at all times and not only from your computer.

The best thing is that the first couple of credits are free, so you can have a small trial period before you commit to the platform!


If the thing you are looking for is not exactly a long-term relationship but rather a hookup. But you would still like to enjoy the benefits and the quality of a paid dating site experience, XMatch is what you are looking for. The age restrictions are put right for this site as it is filled with erotic images and live cams. However, if this is what you are after, this can be a perfect place. The filter is quite straightforward and focuses on sexual preferences rather than on anything else. This ensures that you and your next hot hookup are compatible in bed and will enjoy the thrilling experience.

Apart from its prime purpose, XMatch has a range of additional fun features such as Sex Academy that provides you with badges you can boast on your profile and show your potential matches you are an expert in intimate matters.

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