Lesbian Dating Sites: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Love Online

Updated on Apr 2023

It is often a rather difficult quest for straight people to find the love of their lives, either in real life or on the Internet. However, it is even more challenging for the members of the LGBTQ+ community as they are still considered a minority, hence their dating pool is much smaller. Finding an ideal partner who would be a match made in heaven is much more difficult for queer women than it is for straight women. Therefore it is particularly important for them to utilize all the tools available to them efficiently and hop on the most trustworthy and overall great lesbian dating sites out there. We have compiled a list of the few best sites that are worth checking out according to our reviews. Good luck, ladies!

Lesbian Dating Culture

One of the most evident and important indicators of the progress we as a society make is the variety of topics that are being normalized in the modern world. What used to be considered wrong or just generally a taboo, is now finally recognized as a natural thing. After all, love is love: it has no gender, nor does it have an age. Love is one of the brightest ad purest feelings that have to be accessible to all without any exception. This is why the modern world needs to be creating new and constantly improving the existing circumstances in which not only the majority of the population but also the minorities live.


It is a huge step that the world has finally taken to allow queer women to find their love online the same way straight people do. After all, online dating has an endless range of obvious benefits that enhance dating experience and make it easier to connect with the people who you are truly compatible with. It is only fair to list some of the key advantages of online dating as these determine the vector of development of the society for the nearest future. In the next couple of years, everyone will shift into the digital plane on their quest for a soulmate as the Internet allows us to cover a much greater area when looking for people to connect with. Nowadays, we are no longer limited to our geographical position when trying to search for a perfect match. What used to be an obstacle just a couple of years ago is just a customizable variable now. People who choose to use the Internet and all the various online dating websites it has to offer gain an opportunity to virtually travel to every corner of the world to see if there is a person who would be just right for them waiting there. It does not matter how wild your imagination is, because online dating sites got your back: it is up to you to decide where you would like your ideal girl to reside. This is particularly important for the gay community as it allows people from different countries to search for people alike in their local area or elsewhere.

Online Lesbian Dating

Lesbians dating online contribute to their overall happiness as they are simplifying the process of finding their perfect date significantly. The reason for this is that on lesbian dating sites, lesbian women can be sure that the women creating profiles there are of the same orientation and have the same intentions of establishing relationships. Moreover, all the top lesbian dating sites USA based ones, in particular, ensure the user experience of its members is as great as possible by developing variously irreplaceable in matchmaking tools such as powerful search engines and compatibility tests.

Indeed, compatibility is incredibly important in any relationship, but in queer women relationships particularly. Women are very sensitive by nature, so they need to click from the very beginning for their union to be strong and long-lasting. And compatibility is something that is either there from the start or is not there at all. You either feel comfortable with a person, no matter what the situation is, or you find yourself in a situation where you have to try and change yourself as you never feel fully content next to your partner. Usually, compatibility comes from sharing the same values and having the same views on all the important things in the world. This is why it is so important for lesbian women to use only the best lesbian dating sites that allow its users to apply various filters to their search so that the match they get truly satisfies both parties and makes it an efficient relationship with a bright future.

With the recognition of lesbians in society, the number of different lesbian dating sites has been continuously increasing. In fact, it has reached hundreds, with both large sites and apps and tiny ones available on the web. However, this only makes it more necessary to emphasize the importance of approaching the process of choosing a platform wisely. Before signing up to lesbian dating sites or apps, lesbian singles need to evaluate how good any given platform is. This includes analyzing the reviews of the platform, learning more about the interface and the functionality it has, as well as paying attention to the number of active users as it is always better to use a service that can boast a large number of profiles to choose from. Sometimes this process can be rather overwhelming and, let’s be honest, time-consuming. This is why we have compiled a list of the best places for women to consider.

Amazing Free Lesbian Dating Sites


Match Truly is a wonderful online dating site to go on as it is one of the oldest and largest international dating websites. It features profiles of multiple women from all around the world and, unlike many other similar mail order bride services, is not limited to straight relationships. In fact, during the initial registration, a new user can specify their gender as well as the gender of a person they are hoping to find, which makes it ideal for lesbian women who want to find their true soulmates. Moreover, the cherry on top is that this website does not charge its members a fee for registering a profile, so you get a chance to look around without spending a coin. Plus, another great thing about Match Truly is that it ensures that most of the users coming to their website are legit and are not scammers by enforcing an extensive moderation procedure both upon initial sign-up and during subsequent use of the site.


Tinder is talked a lot about in the international dating community as it is one of the most well-known and used online dating apps. Nearly every third single of legal age has this app installed on their mobile device, which makes Tinder a perfect place to look for the love of your life — it has an endless stream of profiles to choose from, both straight, bisexual, and gay. Tinder is very tolerant towards LGBTQ+ community and allows gay people to look for partners by eliminating a chance of creating a pair with someone who is straight. So, it means you can change whom you are looking for (men, women, or both) in settings, and you will only get the profiles of people who have the same preference set.



Fem is a relatively new and completely free platform that was designed specifically for the lesbian audience. What is special about this app that is available for download in both the App Store and Play Store, is that it has a pretty solid anti-catfish tool — profile videos. Lesbian women choosing to use this app are encouraged to upload videos of themselves (although this is not mandatory) to increase their chances of finding the love of their lives. Indeed, it is a nice idea as it prevents a lot of creepy men pretending to be lesbian women from signing up to the service and trying to get in touch with genuine queer women on the app. The only downside of this platform is that is still young, so it cannot really boast an extensive user base. But it is growing rapidly, so you should consider becoming a part of the Fem community.

fem site


This amazing platform allows you to specify who you are looking for, so queer women can find themselves a lover among the lesbian women featured on the site. The extensive search featured on the website gives an opportunity to create the most accurate match based on multiple criteria that are determining for any stable relationship.

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