Blackplanet Review: Features, Pros and Cons of the Platform

Updated on Apr 2023

It is wonderful to date someone who you love and appreciate. Two people connected with shared interests are always happy. Nonetheless, you are to pull off a long process looking for the right person. Thus, there is a special dating platform for African-American who deserve love and happiness as well. They have the whole service where one can easily understand whether this partner is good for them or not. This is a matter of time.

In A Nutshell

More and more reviews recommend this online dating website for people who are desperate in finding their future spouse. It is quite a decent platform where you will never see too much sexual content or any kind of abuse. Primarily dedicated to African-American, possesses a very cozy atmosphere

BlackPlanet dating



  • Tolerant to all the minorities
  • Free
  • Decent girls
  • Easy design


  • Not secure
  • No special helpline
  • Adds at a Glance

  • Members: 250 000+
  • Main area: The United States
  • Average age: 24-35

What Is Blackplanet.Com?

Blackplanet dating site is a service that is aimed at an African-American audience. There are no restrictions for other nationalities, as many of them are willing to at least try dating African-American. Blackplanet dating site reviews suggest everyone signing up and proving with their own eyes. However, if you happen to come up with an idea to give it a try, make sure you are tolerant toward every viewpoint existing in the world.

The truth about Blackplanet is that there you may find LGBTQ people as well. Here is no place for racism, bullying, or disrespect basing on one’s interests and opinions.

How Does Work?

The interface of the service is quite simple. There you may find:

  • Notes
  • Chat
  • Discover
  • Browse
  • Alerts
  • Stories

The main idea of the platform is to share some of your feelings. Thus, each minute you may take a look at a new status posted by someone. The Chat tab is extremely interesting. Here you may find various chat rooms where some members may text each other simultaneously. Initially, this page has 12 already-created groups. As soon as you want to join one, you just need to click on this.

For those who are sick and tired of chatting and want to take a breath, the section stories were made up. This is a super useful tab with news to be up to date with the latest trends.

BlackPlanet site

Alerts are frequently used by the members as there one may track the activities made with their profile. For example, when someone wants to date with you, he or she gives you a hint while starting following you. The moment, a person notices it, they may become friends.

Sign Up / Registration

The review of Blackplanet reassures that registration is not the most difficult thing here. On the contrary, it is rather the easiest one. You are to fill in just a few fields, make up a secure password, and that is it. There is even no need to verify your email.

Search & Profile Quality

On the browse page, everyone is offered 7 options to conduct their search. You may click on Nearby to see all the matches who dwell close to you. Besides, a man or a woman can check who is online to text them. There is also a chance to check your friends and people you are following. When all of this fails, just go directly to the search tab. You cannot hesitate with dating. The search field offers very poor filters. They are just age, gender, and zip code. Thus, people utilize the previous sections.

Clicking on three dots in the upper right corner will redirect you to your profile. There you can find your hits, props, friends, and followers. All of this shows your popularity on the dating website. Profiles are not rich, as you lack some fields. Here you are provided only with zip code and Bio. Though, members can write in the latter whatever they like and, thus, the main information will be available for everyone on the dating website.


Is Blackplanet safe? Not always. The dating platform is not supported by a high-quality encrypted system. Moreover, you are not to confirm your data with any kind of SMS, email, etc.

Nonetheless, members here are cute and honest with each other. Most of them are trustworthy. However, one is to be alert.

Help & Support is a unique dating website. Here is no contact center at all. At least you can do is to respond to the message sent from the official app. It is visible in the notes section. In case you need some help, it is the only place you may turn to. However, this dating platform has arranged everything in the way that it is even more comfortable. As soon as your help inquiry is processed, you get a note and see it immediately.

Prices & Plans

Blackplanet log in makes everyone wonder whether this dating service is cheap or expensive. This is something that will incredibly please each of you. You are not to pay for anything on the dating website. Blackplanet offers completely free use of all of the functions.

BlackPlanet dating site

Conclusion is a special dating platform that, unlike all the others, offers comparatively high-quality service for gratis. It is primarily aimed at African-American people who seek their love as well.

One should certainly give such a dating website a try. It is not going to let anyone down. In most cases, everyone is satisfied.


Is Blackplanet Good?

Blackplanet reviews indicate some drawbacks of the dating platform. Still, it is impossible to find flawless service. One will always have some minuses and, nonetheless, be appreciated by users. In general, this dating service gives everyone a chance to reveal their emotions in statuses and find a person who will support you in your current state.

Is Legit? does not disclose the information which should be in open access. Thus, there you find no Terms & Conditions, no regularities, etc. Here is even no helpline. As a result, it makes an impression of not quite a legit service. Still, all of the users are mature people who can make their own decisions. If one is ready to risk, probably, he will drink a glass of champagne eventually.

Is Only For African-Americans? is a very tolerant dating platform. The main idea of it is that love and dating have no restrictions and obstacles. It accepts everyone regardless of their complexion, race, sexuality, etc.

Who Can SignUp On The

This dating service does not check any kind of data you fill in. The average age is up to 30, however, no one cares. Still, all the dating services allow registration only to those who are already 18. Here, it is only formal. If to summarize, everyone can utilize this dating website.

How Can I Edit My Profile? is a dating platform where profiles are not bright. In case, you want to adorn it at least with something colorful, you may click on the three dots. Then, go to your profile. You may post whatever is in your mind. Simultaneously, one can update photos. After that, everyone may comment on your post.

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