VietnamCupid Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Love in Vietnam

Updated on Apr 2023

As of now, people prefer online communicating, as it is easier, quicker, and your shyness hides behind the screen. If you feel a lack of confidence, you may resort to this kind of making acquaintance. That is why online dating services become very popular. is one of the local platforms which is full of Vietnam girls. When there are kilometers between both of you, this app comes in handy.

In A Nutshell

Is VietnamCupid good? If to put aside all the subjectivity, the dating platform is like all the others. There are some special things which you will never find in others, as well as some drawbacks which make it not so ideal. It copes with its primary task to coin new couples.

VietnamCupid Site



  • Chinese pretty girls
  • Searching page
  • Messages
  • Great profiles


  • Not so many reviews
  • Not always safe
  • Profiles get terminated

VietnamCupid.Com At A Glance

  • Audience: Chinese
  • Age: 18+
  • Members: 1000 online per day

What Is

It was an Australian initiative to launch an online international dating platform for people to remain in their comfort zone while looking for their future wife. Later on, developers introduced separate services dedicated to a certain nationality. has become a separate dating website due to the high demand for these girls.

VietnamCupid dating site reviews work as an independent resource. That means that they are not mixed with other kindred dating websites. As a result, there are not so many of them, but real and trustworthy ones.

How Does Work?

VietnamCupid dating site takes part in finding your better half directly. It is done through the matching system. Due to simple algorithms, the suggestions are shown to you basing on the results of your questionnaire. Typically, you are responsible for what you see.

In general, the dating online website offers not so many functions. However, these workings are enough for effective dating. Users may endlessly chat with people they meet and find interesting. Among other frequently used features are search and home page. There is no need for a more elaborated system.

Sign Up / Registration

Before one makes his VietnamCupid login, he is to register on the website. Here, only email address, name, age, and password are to be mentioned. It takes about one or two minutes.

VietnamCupid Dating offers a free sign up, which means that you do not link your profile to your credit card. All the functions are visible to you immediately. Still, not all of them are accessible with the basic plan.

Search & Profile Quality

If you want to get to know about the truth about VietnamCupid, you are to find out what people sign up here. Initially, some of the popular women are displayed. If you are not satisfied with the given results, go to the search page. There is a thing like saved searches which remembers your preferences. Here, you may indicate such minute detail as height, weight, etc.

If you are so radical with someone’s smoking or drinking, you may filter by this factor as well. Still, people are to remember that everything depends on what is indicated in the profiles. If a person has not indicated anything, that means that you will not see even those.

Profiles on are very vivid. Members can upload a myriad of photos. The dating service recommends downloading a recent and pretty picture. It is a must to upload a real one. Moreover, your profile incorporates the main information about your potential partner. Thus, when viewing one’s profile, a man can extract lots of needed information.


Is VietnamCupid safe? It seems to be. No one existing online dating website can offer security and safety guaranteed with 100 percent. The platform is supported by the encrypted system which allows no data bridge. The Terms and Regulations demand from the users to abide by the rules. Nonetheless, some of the members may allow themselves too much. Thus, each of us is to keep everything in secret and any disclosure of your personal data to the third party is your responsibility.

Help & Support

If you read a review of VietnamCupid. you need to know how to get out of an unpleasant situation if you happen to fall into the trap. The luckiest people are from the United States and Canada, who can call a helpline for free. It is possible to do only from Monday till Friday. The working hours are from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.

The local time is indicated on the “Contact us” page. If that is not possible for you, the online form is left on the same page. The response will be attached to the email sent to your address.

Prices & Plans

Plans can be Gold and Platinum. There is a slight difference, as Platinum allows you to take advantage of the more complicated and accurate matching system. You will see not advertisements as well.

Both of the plans are sold in three options. The first one is just one month for great believers in quick success. Then you may choose a 3- month package which already saves some money comparing to the first one. The highest plan lasts for one year.

VietnamCupid Dating Site


Is legit? All the information and certification are available to everyone. This dating service is legit and conforming to the law. Still, the matter is whether it will be successful for you. No one knows unless they try.


What Nationalities Can I Meet On

In general, has a very simple idea. At least one of the couple is from Vietnam. Of course, there are no restrictions on your citizenship. It is just logical, that people register here because of two reasons. They are either Vietnamese or in a seek of Vietnamese. If you want to meet other nationalities, you may try another one from this range of international dating websites.

How Much Do I Need to Pay For Platinum Membership?

If you opt for one month, you pay 35 Euros. If you want to save up some money, it is advisable that people buy higher plans. The 3-month package costs 19,99 Euros per month. The cheapest is a 1-year plan. In this case, 1 month is only for 11,67 Euros.

Is It Mandatory To Buy A Membership? does not demand any subscription. If you are satisfied with the basic functions of search and chatting with paying members, you may do without Membership. Still, the dating service offers at least to try for a month.

What If I Find Someone Suspicious? always warns its customers about possible frauds. They try to take precautions in order to prevent it. However, it happens sometimes. Unfortunately, the dating service does not have a legal department. In case you feel insecure, you are to contact the helpline in various ways. The best one is to call. Before you get a response, you can block the contact.

Is It Mandatory To Upload A Photo? allows users to browse the website without the photo. However, in such a way, you may look suspicious to others. The dating service will always remind you of downloading at least one picture. Oftentimes, your profile can be terminated.

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