Muslim Dating Sites: Meeting Your Match While Staying True to Your Faith

Updated on Apr 2023

For our fellow Muslim singles as well as non-Muslims who would like to date an Islamic partner, we reveal the truth about what it takes to date someone of the aforementioned cultural and religious background. Apart from that, we also recommend the most reliable Muslim dating sites for you to be sure you are testing your luck in the right place. Read more to learn everything you need to know about Muslim online dating. In addition, we have prepared for you the best dating sites due to owr opinion and knowledge of the services.

Dating can be particularly difficult when you are restricted in the choice of your ideal partner. In some cultures and religions, it is forbidden to tie knots with people outside of your circle. So you are either forced to marry those who belong to your religion or have to convince your significant other of a different background to convert to your religion. A bright example of such would be Islam.

Muslim Dating

Muslim people have a lot of rules they have to follow that concern pretty much every sphere of their lives. Love life is no exception to the rule. Even more so, in Muslim, marriage, and family plays a significant role in the life of every individual. It is vital for Muslim singles to find the true soulmates that they would like to spend the rest of their lives with. Otherwise, it becomes their family’s business. You must have heard of the term ‘arranged wedding’. It means that if upon certain age singles do not couple up with an appropriate person of their choice, this responsibility is delegated to the family of a bride or groom to be. They decide who would be the most suitable partner for their child. This is why to avoid such situations, a lot of Muslim singles are actively searching for their soulmates offline online.

Another thing to remember about Islamic laws is that this religion forbids both male and female homosexuality. So, if you are a gay man or a lesbian, you will, unfortunately, not be able to get into a relationship with Muslim singles. Although it is only male homosexuality that is explicitly condemned in the Quran, the rules for women when choosing a partner are still considered to be stricter than those for men. For instance, a Muslim girl can under no circumstances marry a non-Muslim man while the laws of Islam are more lenient towards Muslim males. In some cases, they are free to tie knots with Christian or Buddhist girls.

Muslims have a lot of traditions that they follow, especially those living in the East. Western Muslims, on the other hand, are more laid-back and practice Halal dating, which is a more relaxed version of Muslim dating. You can expect this from most people on Muslim dating sites. If they have signed up to an online dating website, they intend to embrace dating in a more western style. And it involves going out, spending some time alone together, etc. However, all of these are prohibited in traditional Islamic relationships before marriage. However, in order to ensure you actually talk to real people and get a good choice of singles to match with, you should only go to the most well-respected Muslim dating platforms in the USA. Usually finding these takes a lot of review reading, but you are lucky!

Best American Muslim Dating Sites


Asia Charm is a popular online dating platform that is aimed at connecting people from all around the world with girls from Asia and the Middle East. It is particularly great for Muslim online dating. It has an advanced search tool that allows members of the website to change the settings to show only those profiles that match the requested criteria. On AsiaCharm you can specify your search in accordance with many factors, such as age, location, height, weight, religion, and nationality. The last two criteria are especially important for Muslim dating since some of you can be restricted in your choices. On Asia Charm, once you have applied all the filters, you can be sure all the matches you get are Islamic and are compatible with you.

Besides, this platform also has a mobile application for your device, and we all know how important apps are in the modern world. You will always be in touch with your matches, and will be able to enjoy the numerous joyful features of the website on your smartphone!



Asian Melodies is a wonderful Muslim dating site that is available in America and Europe for free. Indeed, you can sign up to the platform and look around it without spending a single penny. This is an indicator of a trustworthy and reliable site. You get an opportunity to test it out before you make any purchases of the additional features. Which, best believe, you will want to buy! The extra features available upon purchase on Asian Melodies are simply outstanding. First of all, you get to see who checked your profile so that you can assess the type of people your page attracts. Moreover, you can get a detailed statistic, which has proven to be extremely useful for understanding the direction you are headed at in the world of online dating. And, of course, Asian Melodies cares deeply about providing you with a lot of support, so translational services are available upon request. This is to ensure you and your soulmate develop that deeply rooted connection of yours in spite of all the possible obstacles on your way to happiness.

Another great thing about Asian Melodies is that all profiles go through verification. So you can be sure that most of all people you are chatting with are real people with serious intentions.



Match Truly is a widely recognized international online dating platform. It allows Muslims from all over the world, not only in America, to connect and build a strong, meaningful relationship. The outstanding work of the moderation team is noticeable from the very first second you log into your account. All the profiles featured on Match Truly are of the highest quality. There are also plenty of them, so you shall not worry about there ever being a shortage of potential matches to look through.

Upon initial registration on MatchTruly you are advised to take a personality test. It may seem somewhat lengthy at first sight, but trust us it will work wonders later. This test allows the site to analyze your personality and your preferences so it can adjust the matching algorithms accordingly. After you are all set, the site will match you with the Muslims you would be most compatible with and therefore the chances of there appearing mutual attraction will multiply!

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