Chatstep Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Online Chatting

Updated on Apr 2023

There was a time when online chat room services were highly popular. They were the only means to meet and interact with new people from different parts of the world. One could even find their soul mate through those chat room services. At those times, Chatstep was one of the good chatting dating sites. Due to its ease of use and highly customized chat guidelines, Chatstep is still popular today. The countries that use it most are India, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. The following review of Chatstep will show you why it was, and it is still popular and loved by many.

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Pros and cons


  • Price-performance – 7.0
  • Partner suggestions – 6.0
  • Services – 7.0
  • Ease of use – 7.0
  • Free features – 6.0
  • Safety – 7.0

Pros and cons


  1. They provided users with many chat rooms

The website ensured that there were enough chat rooms for every user. Therefore you can be sure that you will find chat rooms to join and chat with other members.

  1. It is easy to use the website

The site has a straightforward interface that makes everything look accessible to users. Even the newbie will find it easy to navigate through the website.

  1. You can use the website anonymously

The site has given its users the ability to use the website anonymously. You can be using the site without anyone knowing who you are.


  1. Does not have a mobile app

It does not have the feature of a mobile application. Therefore users have to browse if they want to use the site. at a glance

  1. Best for: the site is mostly for those people who like chatting a lot. It is also suitable for those who would want to find their romantic partners or build a friendship with new people.
  2. The number of members: They have over five million users. More than two hundred thousand users join the site monthly.
  3. The recommended age: the platform has no age restriction.
  4. Favorite features: the site did not have many features. The feature that most people use is the use of ‘‘create a room,’’ ‘‘join a room,’’ and ‘‘public room.’’

About/what is Chatstep is a chatting service that has been in existence for many years. According to Chatstep dating site reviews, the site is still popular and used by some people. They have over five million users and a lot of users joining monthly. The number of men on the site is higher than that of women. The percentage of men is sixty while that of women is forty. Therefore you are likely to face stiff competition of women. The site covers areas like Asia, Europe, and North America. You will not pay anything to use the site. The site ensures that they verify all emails as a means to ensure safety.

How does Chatstep work?

To use the website is easy and straightforward. It is because of its simple design. After registering, the site will direct you to a pop-up dashboard showing three main features. These features include ‘‘create,’’ ‘‘join,’’ and ‘‘public.’’ Once you click on any of those features, you will go to a page where you will put details about yourself. The truth about Chatstep is that you cannot delete your account. If you do not want to use the site anymore, you will log out and exit the chat.

Signup/registration log in is the simplest in all dating sites. You will only provide basic details like your username, email, and password. You should ensure that you provide a valid email address because that’s where they will send a link for verification. The site provides you with suggestions of your username to ensure you choose the best. The website also requests there users to come up with a robust password that will not be easy to crack. The registration process will not take you more than two minutes. After you finish the process, you can now create private or public chat rooms.

registration Chatstep

Search and profile quality

The site has its advanced searching algorithms that will ensure you get what you want on the site. What the website does is to group users into groups according to categories. Some of the classes include ‘‘friendly’’ for casual chats. They also have a category for ‘images’ that is for groups that are picture-oriented. There is also ‘fantasy’ for role-playing conversations. The site ensures that they check all profiles regularly to ensure the absence of fake profiles. They also ensure that one uploads high-quality pictures on their profiles.


For privacy purposes, the site ensures that they do not store any of your data or share them with anyone. The good thing about the website is that they do not save your messages hence ensuring confidentiality. The site also does all they can to fight the problem of scammers on the site. They have reduced the degree of anonymity for its users to tighten the security grip. The site also encourages users to put a strong password for safety measures. The website also ensures that it operates legally and follows all dating policies.

Help and support

In reviews, there have not been cases of users struggling on the site or having unanswered questions. It is because of their excellent support team that operates day and night. The site ensures that they hire qualified people who know how to interact well with customers. The support team provides that they solve any issue of any user immediately. Another thing that the support service does is to advise users on how they can keep themselves safe. Therefore do not worry about safety when you are on

Cost and prices

The website offers free services. You will not pay anything from signing up to chatting with other users. You will create chat rooms, share files, and send images all for free. The site is suitable for those people who do not want to spend any cent on dating sites.


The above review of Chatib has shown you why people loved to use the site even today. Therefore give it a try and have a memorable experience.


Is Chatstep safe?

Yes, it is. The site has excellent security measures to ensure they keep their users safe. They have terms of us that every user must adhere to at all times. If any users violate those terms, the website will ban their IP address permanently. They also allow the users to block anyone from messaging them. All this is to ensure that you are safe on the site.

Can the police track you while using the site?

Yes, they can. In case you do an illegal activity on the site, it will be easy for the authorities to catch. It is because of your IP address. One can track you everywhere you go using that address. Therefore, do not think that you will do a bad thing on the site and get away with it.

How does the site work?

Once you load to the website, the first thing they will ask you is whether you want to log in to your account or chat anonymously. It doesn’t matter the one you choose. Using either of the two, you can join chat rooms and start communicating with other users.

Does it have a mobile app feature?

No, it does not. The site has not yet provided its users with a mobile application. You cannot download it as an app on your android or ios device. Therefore for you to use it, you must use a browser.

Is Chatstep legit?

Yes, it is. The website ensures that it weeds all scammers to make it a legit site where you feel safe.

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