Discovering the Ultimate Experience – An In-Depth AsianFeels Review

Updated on Apr 2023

Getting a woman who serves these purposes genuinely is not easy. Have you ever wondered why many men have turned their eyes to Asian ladies? It is proven that Asian women are among those women who are perfect wives. It is not their astonishing beauty that lives men hypnotized but also their amazing features. They are top-ranked when it comes to beauty. They have a slim sexy figure that drives men crazy. Apart from beauty, they are also loving wives who remain loyal to them in good and bad times. They also have traits like hard-working, respectful, family-oriented, and many more.

If you have been dreaming to have these ladies as your wife, then you are at the right place. You do not need to worry about how you will find them. Advanced technology has helped to date anyone around the globe through online dating. There are over a million dating platforms, but not all of them will give you what you seek. AsianFeels dating site will provide you with the good services that will ensure you get the girl of your dreams. The following AsianFeels review will prove that.

About AsianFeels

The main aim of this platform is to bring people with the same goal, which is love together. It connects men from western countries and different parts of the world with amazing Asian women. It was created with young professionals who were looking to solve the problem of communication with random Asians. It later evolved into an online dating site that has been present for 20 years now.

AsianFeels is among the Asian dating sites that provide its members with the good service. They have over a million members who most of them are active. They will terminate any account of those members who are inactive. The number of women in the platform is higher than that of men, thus increasing the chances of getting your soul mate. The women are mostly from Asia, but they also have women from other countries. Most of the girls are looking for men who are from China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.


To sing in this site is free and takes you not more than a minute to finish the process. Anyone can start their page on this platform. You will  be required to do the following:

Fill the Personal Section

In this section, you will be required to fill your personal information. You should provide your name, date of birth, location, email, and password. Your details on age will verify if you are over 18 years since it doesn’t accommodate minors in the site. Your location details will help them identify another user who is around you for easier matching.

Fill the Preference Section

In this section, you will be required to say what you prefer. You will say which gender you belong to and your gender preference. It will help in matching. Once you are through with this, you will have officially registered with the site, and you will be required to create your profile.

Profile Quality

After registering, you should now create your profile so that you may be known publicly. The site does it level awesome to ensure that there are no fake profiles. They request their users to ensure that they upload photos that are of high quality. They also ask them to write a longer description of them to ensure the profile is of high quality. Each profile consists of two sections:

Section ‘About Me’

In this section, you will give information about yourself. You can provide details on your physical appearance, level of education, hobbies, job, and interest. The more information you provide, the better your profile will be.

Section ‘About My Partner’

In this section, you will give details about the partner you want to have. You will describe the appearance of the girl you wish to have. You will also say the age you want your partner to be. You can even tell the kind of job, hobbies, and interests you want your partner to have.

AsianFeels Ladies

Pros and Cons

There is nothing that does not have its advantages and disadvantages, no matter how good it is. The following are the pros and cons of Asian


Wide Range of Asian Women

This dating platform recognizes that Asian women are the good wives that any man can ask for and therefore provide their users with a wide range of them. If you have been dreaming of finding an Asian girl, try using this dating site. Moreover, it provides you with attractive Asian ladies who are looking for a man to have a serious relationship with that will possibly lead to having a happy family.

Affordable Prices

There are many sites, but most of them are expensive. They lock away those with financial problems. This platform recognizes that online dating is not for those who have money but also for those who don’t. They ensure that they put prices that are most affordable to anyone. They provide good services, yet you will not pay a massive amount of money. The free members can also enjoy the site without paying anything.

Easy to Use

Most people have given up with online dating because the sites they get are sophisticated and challenging to operate. AsianFeels has solved that problem for you. It has designed an attractive and simple interface that is easy to navigate through by anyone, including the newbie. Everything is in order, and you can find anything you want without any hustle.

Over 20 Years of Experience

This platform has served people and connected a lot of people with their soul mate for more than two decades. There are a lot of marriage testimonies on this site that will motivate you. Due to the many years of experience, they know the in and outs of online dating. Therefore, they will ensure they provide services that will lead you to your soul mate.


All Communication Requires Spending Credits

As much as this site recognizes free users and allow them to operate the site freely, there are services that they cannot enjoy. They can be able to view other user’s profiles, but they cannot communicate with either of them. To have a conversation with any of the members, you will have to pay for an affordable subscription.

No Mobile App

One of the flaws of this platform is the lack of a mobile app. This flaw has inconvenient a lot of people because they waste time when they browse so that they return to the site. For you to use this site, there is no other way to access it except browsing. However, they are tirelessly working on ensuring they provide their users with a mobile app very soon.


What might be holding you back? Try finding the Asian girl of your dreams using this platform, and you won’t regret it.


How does work?

This platform focuses on connecting men around the world with Asian women. You should create an account with them, which is free and follow simple steps to create your profile. After creating your profile, there will be a display of a wide range of beautiful women from Asia. Most of them would be looking for a serious relationship. You will be able to view their profiles and send likes to the ones you admire. The site will provide you with superb search engines that will ensure you get your perfect match.

Is it safe to use AsianFeel dating site?

Yes, it is trying to get safety on a high level on this platform. This site is a platform that provides a better safety measure to users. They ensure that they give maximum security to their members. To ensure this, they first verify all the profiles of every user using SSL encryption code to ensure that there are no fake profiles. Secondly, they check all payments using the visa card and MasterCard security code to ensure that there is no fraud. Lastly, they provide their users with a reliable support team operating 24/7. They ensure that they solve all problems of the users and advice each of them on how to keep their accounts private. They also ensure that they adhere to all legal policies so that it remains legit.

Is it worth paying for this site?

Yes, it is worth paying for it. Compared with the other platforms, this site is among the most affordable ones. They provide users with good services for an affordable price. Once you pay for a subscription that will cost you a few coins, you will enjoy all the unique features in this site that will make your online dating experience unforgettable. You will also get the girl who you have wanted for a long time.

Is it sure that one will get the girl of their dreams?

Yes, you will find your soul mate on this platform. This site provides its users with excellent searching engines that will help you get the girl who will fit your requirements. They will provide you with both the primary and advanced search to ensure you get your perfect match.

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