AsianMelodies Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Pros and Cons of this Dating Site

Updated on Oct 2023
  • Active female members
  • Lots of Asian women of different age
  • Private and public photo and video content
  • Verified profiles
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
Asian women dating
Best For
20-55 years old
Age Distribution
Mobile Friendly

Back before the age of the internet, people relied on social meetings or parties to meet their potential partners.  Some would even ask their friends to set them up with someone. People met through such traditional means and sometimes there wasn’t any chemistry when meeting someone. This form of the meeting presented very limited options for people.  But all these changed when dating sites came into play. One such dating site that has been responsible for many matches is for Asian dating.

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Real Girls Profiles from AsianMelodies Dating Site

Naomi photo
Naomi photo
Naomi photo
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Model
English level Upper Intermediate
Maya photo
Maya photo
Location Jakarta
Age 27
Occupation Hairdresser
English level Upper Intermediate
Leilani photo
Leilani photo
Location Mumbai
Age 30
Occupation Teacher
English level Intermediate

About AsianMelodies

This is a great site where Asian ladies’ profiles are in plenty and where Western men who dream about Asian mail order brides can find them.  It is a site with over 500,000 users who are 30 and above. In a single month, Asian Melodies website experiences over 40,000 logins with a great percentage of them being international users. From those numbers, it is evident that this is a site that is serious about offering dating services. It is a site that will not disappoint anyone to find a woman for marriage or any kind of relationship.

AsianMelodies Search

Easy to Use

AsianMelodies has this stylish and elegant design that is easy on the eyes and simple to figure out. No strange colors, useless buttons but a lot of useful functionality. Everything is created to make your online dating experience memorable and enjoyable. You can focus on updating your profile and checking out potential profiles of the women you want to date.   You can also find additional information on what the site offers and you will also get access to useful features such as:

Notification Settings

You have the option to set up notifications in the form of pop-up messages. You then get notified when someone likes your photos, favorites your profile, sends you a wink or sends you a message. Also, you can choose to disable the notifications if you choose to on the account page.


When it comes to messaging features, the site has a live chat,  a video chat, short messages and long emails for communication with the Asian hotties. You are also able to send videos and photos through most of these messaging features.

Message Filters

With the filter feature, you get to divide your messages page into four sections. Incoming, outcoming, trash and drafts. The received messages can be subdivided into the unread and unanswered ones. Of course, you have the option to delete.

Member Search

Asian Melodies website has one of the most powerful and convenient search tool that is a par higher than most dating platforms. You can search your potential wife by age, country of origin, height and weight, children, habits, level of English and so on.

Making Contact

You can send messages to the Asian women that you like.  You can get their attention by sending winks or likes.

AsianMelodies Women

Special Features

The site has other special features and they are as follows:

Photo Verification

Verification is a process of confirming identity by providing an identification document. This helps identify serious daters who are looking for a long-term relationship. Scammers cannot verify their identity which is why there are slim chances of any of them making it into AsianMelodies. With the verified sign in place, a profile qualifies as genuine.

Translation Services

Most Asian girls who use online dating sites know English very well.  However, if you experience any misunderstanding you can always spend a little on translation services.

Sending Gifts and Flowers

You can send gifts and flowers with the credits that you buy. The price depends on the bouquet, fragrance or items. It is a great way to keep the connection strong and endear you to your loved one.

Game “Faces”

You can send likes and get likes in the game “Faces”. This is a very useful way of singling out the potential candidates without having to go through their profiles. Always remember that the game face feature will show you the random accounts and the women you see might have nothing in common with.  Still, many have found the loves of their lives through this feature.

AsianMelodies Dating Site

The Audience of AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is known for having a diverse audience of singles from all over Asia, including countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Most of its users are in their mid-20s to mid-40s, indicating a more mature and serious approach to online dating. They are also looking for a long-term relationship, with many interested in finding love with someone from a different cultural background.

One of the unique things about the audience of AsianMelodies is their willingness to embrace new experiences and cultures. Many users speak multiple languages and are interested in learning about other cultures. This makes the dating process more exciting and adventurous, as it allows them to explore new perspectives and broaden their horizons.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the audience of AsianMelodies is their emphasis on family values. In many Asian cultures, family is of utmost importance, and this carries over into their approach to dating. Many of the users on this dating site are looking for someone who shares their family values and is interested in building a future together.

The audience of AsianMelodies also values education and career success. Many of the users have completed higher education and hold professional jobs. This indicates a desire for an ambitious and driven partner, which can lead to a stronger connection focused on mutual goals and aspirations.

Lastly, the audience of AsianMelodies is known for being respectful and courteous. Asian culture places a high value on politeness and respect for others, which is reflected in its users’ behavior. They often have a calm and collected demeanor, making the dating process more comfortable and enjoyable.

Success Stories from AsianMelodies Dating Site

Success Story #1 Image
Jack and Biyu AsianMelodies logo
Jack and Biyu's love story, born on AsianMelodies, is a testament to the site's ability to unite hearts across borders. They found common ground and kindred spirits in each other, despite their geographical differences. Their connection deepened through heartfelt messages and video calls, transcending miles. Today, Jack and Biyu are a happy, inseparable couple, proving that AsianMelodies can bridge the gap and create lasting love stories. Their journey is a beautiful reminder that love can bloom anywhere, even in the vast world of online dating.
Success Story #2 Image
Daniel and Aki AsianMelodies logo
Daniel and Aki's love story is a beautiful testament to the power of AsianMelodies. They found each other on the site, instantly connecting over shared interests and values. Despite living in different parts of the world, they cultivated a deep bond through heartfelt messages and video calls. Today, Daniel and Aki are a loving couple, defying distance and proving that true love knows no boundaries. Their story showcases the magic of online dating on AsianMelodies, where hearts can come together from across the globe to create lasting connections and beautiful relationships.


Signing up on  AsianMelodies is free and in several minutes your account will be all set up. AsianMelodies website will ask you to provide the basic details about yourself such as names which should all be genuine, location, date of birth, your gender and the gender you are interested in dating. After the registration is complete you can provide more details about the women you are interested in dating, your habits, and preferences.  You can always complete the nitty-gritty of your profile later and just go ahead and sign up. It is a very easy process and there are no endless questionnaires to take a lot of your time.


Search + Profile Quality

After registering on the site you will see the photos, videos, and activity of the other users. You will have access to profiles of beautiful Asian girls.  The profiles are detailed and properly filled which makes it easier to tell if the person you are looking at matches your preferences. Users are encouraged to complete their profiles and upload high-quality photos and videos. You can search for whoever you want by their age,  religion and other specific details thanks to a very efficient search tool. Searching for the ideal Asian lady for marriage has never been this easy.


All monetary transactions are reliable and no personal details can fall into the hands of fraudsters.  The administration guarantees that none of your data will be leaked. They have gone to great lengths to ensure the security of all their users. It is a legit Asian dating site where you can find a woman to make her wife.

AsianMelodies Safety

AsianMelodies Free vs. Paid Membership: Which One Should You Choose?

Online dating has made meeting people from different parts of the world easier than ever. In recent years, AsianMelodies has become a popular destination for singles looking for love and companionship with Asian women. Aside from providing a safe and user-friendly platform to interact, AsianMelodies offers both free and paid membership options. In this AsianMelodies review we’ll look at the features of AsianMelodies’ free and paid membership options to help you determine which one is right for you.

The Benefits of Free Membership

When you sign up with AsianMelodies, you have the option to create a free account. The benefits of a free membership include the ability to browse the site and view profiles of other members, send and receive winks, and add profiles to your favorites list. Additionally, you can access the basic search feature and get unlimited access to customer support.

The Advantages of Paid Membership

If you’re serious about finding a partner on AsianMelodies, upgrading to a paid membership would be a wise investment. Paid members get access to advanced features such as using the live chat service to initiate conversations, sending and receiving messages, and access to all member photos. You can also enjoy the benefit of using advanced search filters to find your perfect match. Paid membership plans come with different perks such as video chat options and the ability to send gifts and flowers.

Free vs. Paid Membership: Which One Is Right for You?

Choosing between AsianMelodies’ free and paid membership options will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you’re still hesitant about online dating or just want to get your feet wet, the free membership option is a great starting point. For those who are serious about finding a partner, upgrading to a premium membership provides more value for your money. A premium membership will provide you with the opportunity to connect with other singles faster and have the advantage of advanced features to ensure you find the right partner.

Prices & Plans

Signing up on AsianMelodies is free but to enjoy more features you will have to pay some amount. The free things are registration, uploading photos and browsing profiles. For you to make contact with a potential mate you have to pay. Payments are done through credit cards or PayPal and what you do is buy credits to access the services. The credits go for  the following:

  • 20 credit price is $15.99 (you pay $0.80 per credit);
  • 160 credits will cost you $96 (you pay $0.60 per credit);
  • 500 credits pack will cost $249 (you pay $0.50 per credit)-  ;
  • 1000 credit price is $399 (you pay $0.40 per credit).

You are required to buy the credits upon registration. Upon registration, you will also get free credits to familiarize yourself with the service. But this is after you buy the connects.

Customer Support

The customer support is very helpful. Any issues are addressed promptly and questions are answered on time. The service is available 24/7  along with a real live customer support agent ready to answer all your questions.

AsianMelodies Review: Real User Experience


asianmelodies reviews sitejabber asianmelodies


Pros and Cons


AsianMelodies has its pros and cons and they are as follows:

  • A large number of profiles.
  • More ways to contact customer support.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Cool user-friendly design
  • Very useful features


  • You have to pay to enjoy  the cool features
  • Certain amounts of credits available.


AsianMelodies is a great dating website that has made many people find the love of their lives.  It is a site that has always been professional since it began a few years ago. Everything about it from the design, features and customer support speaks professionalism.  A very reliable site that you can count on to find the love of your life. Nothing wrong with listening to lovely AsianMelodies for the rest of your life and being showered with love.


What is AsianMelodies?

AsianMelodies is a dating platform designed to help people find romantic relationships and companionship with individuals from Asian countries.

How do I create an account on AsianMelodies?

Typically, to create an account on AsianMelodies, you need to visit their website and sign up by providing basic information such as your name, email address, and creating a password. After registration, you may be asked to complete your profile with additional details and photos.

What features does AsianMelodies offer?

AsianMelodies typically offers various features related to online dating, including profile creation, searching for potential matches, communication tools like messaging and chat, advanced search filters, and the ability to send virtual gifts or flowers.

What safety measures does AsianMelodies have in place?

Asian dating sites often implement safety measures such as profile verification, encryption for data security, and reporting mechanisms for suspicious activity. Users are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior, and AsianMelodies may have guidelines for safe online dating practices.

What are the costs associated with signing up for AsianMelodies?

The cost of using AsianMelodies can vary, and Asian dating sites often offer both free and premium (paid) memberships. Premium memberships typically provide access to additional features and communication tools. Pricing details and membership options may change, so it's essential to check the AsianMelodies website for the most current information.

How do I search for other members on AsianMelodies?

Users on AsianMelodies can typically search for other members by using various filters, such as age, location, interests, and more. The platform may also provide suggested matches based on user profiles and compatibility algorithms.

What kind of support does AsianMelodies offer?

Dating platforms often provide customer support team through channels such as email or online forms. You can usually find contact information for customer support on the AsianMelodies website. Follow the provided instructions to get in touch with their support team.

How do I delete my AsianMelodies account?

To delete your AsianMelodies account, you typically need to log in, go to your account settings, and look for an option to delete or deactivate your account. The specific process may vary, so it's advisable to refer to the platform's official instructions or contact their customer support team for assistance.

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