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Updated on Oct 2023
  • Detailed user profiles
  • Free translation for 2 hours during a real-life meeting
  • High-protection systems for safe payments
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Helpful site notifications
100 000
Asian women dating
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20-55 years old
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Mobile Friendly
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  • 9.9

LoverWhirl dating website is passionate about helping senior singles find romance even those aged 40 and over. It enables you to connect with your potential life partners without much stress or wasting of time. On this platform, you’re not restricted by time, space or distance because you can connect to any single from any country in the world.

Real Girls Profiles from LoverWhirl Dating Site

 Biyu photo
 Biyu photo
Location Jakarta
Age 30
Occupation Dancer
English level Intermediate
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Seoul
Age 29
Occupation Singer
English level Upper Intermediate
Jie photo
Jie photo
Location Mumbai
Age 27
Occupation Photographer
English level Intermediate

About LoverWhirl

It has easy to use features and services that allow even a beginner in the world of online dating, to find their way around the site easily. It is affordable and enables you to do a test run with free 20 credits when you Sign-Up on the site. It is also legit and free of scammers or spam accounts. We ensure you of your privacy while on the site. Find out in detail about the website and how to use it in this concise LoverWhirl review.

Ease of Use

LoverWhirl dating site has a basic, simple to understand user interface fit for members of all ages and categories. It is ad-free and pop-up free. It is a lovely experience for singles to spend time on the site because there is no distracting picture or ad to redirect you away from the page. The theme of the site is elegant and attractive to new members. The site is updated regularly with profiles of new single ladies who are sincerely waiting to be yours.

This vast database of single people, both men, and asian girls profiles of different ages cater to your need to reach many single people with similar interests to yours as quickly as possible.  Your dating experience becomes more real and exciting. The website has a high success rate of matching couples and usually, many relationships from the platform lead to marriage. The sign-up button is easily locatable, and once you log in, you have access to try out features of the website immediately. Find out how to sign-up to the site below.


There is no fee to register on the site; it is free. To sign up, you would need to provide your email, name, date of birth and a secure password. There’s no option available to register with Facebook or Google accounts.

LoverWhirl Registration

After doing this, you would be given a short questionnaire to fill with details and specs of how you want your dream spouse to be.  You would also be asked to fill in a short description of yourself. Questions that are usually asked at this stage often ask about:

  • Your physique,
  • Current location,
  • Your educational status,
  • Your religion and some others.

All the information asked of you is very important if you want to yield the most results of getting good from the dating pool. Information you feed to the site is what it uses in selecting asian women who match your specifications. This means that you need to be honest during the registration period. The sooner you fill the information tab with quality information, the sooner you get to meeting selected asian singles near you.

You are also required to upload a quality profile picture as you register. One of the important things about dating online is to be able to see an image of who you are dating. LoverWhirl ensures that you put up a picture of yourself so that you are recognizable and easier to find by singles on the site.

Search and Profile Quality

Now that you have registered and gained access to the dating site, you are ready to search for a potential wife or husband. Whatever category you belong to, if you’re looking to date seriously, or make new friends or just flirt, it may take a while to find the right person. That is why LoverWhirl dating site has offered its users two separate types of search methods. They are:

Success Stories from LoverWhirl Dating Site

Success Story #1 Image
Andrew and Dae LoverWhirl logo
Andrew from Los Angeles and Dae from Seoul found love on LoverWhirl. Despite the distance, their connection deepened through messages. When they met in Seoul, their chemistry was undeniable. Andrew proposed, and now they're happily married, showing that LoverWhirl can unite hearts across continents.
Success Story #2 Image
Thomas and Ling LoverWhirl logo
Thomas from San Francisco and Ling from Shanghai found love on LoverWhirl. Despite the distance, their connection grew through messages. When they met in Shanghai, their chemistry was undeniable. Thomas proposed, and now they're happily married, showing that LoverWhirl can unite hearts across continents.


The first search option allows you to look for your potential spouse by age or region. This search is more restricted and doesn’t narrow down your preferences. The second search option, however, gives a broader range of filters. Here you can take out specific characteristics you don’t want in your spouse and zero in on the type of person you want.

To make absolute the authenticity of users on the dating site, LoverWhirl encourages its users to sign up with a government-issued ID. Any user that signs up with this becomes a verified user of the platform and bears a “Validated” sign on their profile card. That also helps to reduce spam accounts and increase your chances of communicating with a real human.

Users are often beautiful asian girls as can be seen from their quality video presentations and profile photos. Information like the city of residence, education, religion, habits and lots more can be found on a user’s profile.


These days, one cannot be too safe when it comes to online dealings. That is why LoverWhirl website has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of its users. The dating site is a legit zone – a secure website for all users. Your transactions, personal information, private pictures, and videos and others are encrypted so you can rest easy. The site makes use of SSL protocol a type of web protection called Secure Socket Layer protocol to ensure the security of your information. All payment processes on the website are also secured by the channel through which you make payment.

However, the need to remain cautious and alert for a scam cannot be overemphasized. Do not share private or sensitive information with other users of the site to avoid complications and fraud activities. If you are uncomfortable with any user, you can stop replying to them. If you suspect that any user is fraudulent, feel free to report them to the customer care support available on the platform. You can do this by clicking on the live chat button or writing to them via email.

Latest User Reviews


Loverwhirl user reviews sitejabber

Loverwhirl user reviews

LoverWhirl – How to Decide Between Free and Paid Features

Free Features

First things first, it’s important to note that you don’t have to pay anything to sign up for LoverWhirl website or to start browsing profiles. Here are the key features available to free users:

Registration – You can sign up for free on LoverWhirl and create a profile as a Basic Member.

Search – You can browse through profiles of other members and access the basic search tools. You can search by age, location, online status, and more.

Communication – You can send Winks, Like Photos and add to the favorites list for free, but to send messages you need to buy credits.

Paid Features

While some features are free to use, there are some paid features that can make your experience on LoverWhirl website more convenient and enjoyable.

Credits – LoverWhirl operates by a credit-based system for communication. You’re free to purchase credits and spend them on the features and services that appeal to you.

Messaging – Once you have credits, you can start a conversation with any member and send messages securely and privately. You can also review messages from others and delete them easily.

Advanced search – While the basic search is available to free users, the advanced search is only accessible by paid members. It allows you to narrow down your search by more specific criteria like education, lifestyle, and even hobbies.

Video and audio calls – Paid members can use LoverWhirl’s high-quality video and audio calls to communicate with other people around the world.

Gifts and flowers – Want to impress your date? You can send virtual gifts and real flowers to your crush, and LoverWhirl will deliver them to the right address.

Is it Worth the Money?

Now comes the big question: is paying for LoverWhirl worth it?

The answer depends on your individual priorities and budget. If you’re looking for a serious relationship and willing to invest in your love life, then paid membership is definitely worth the money. The advanced search tools, messaging features, and video/audio calls make finding your soulmate much easier.
If, on the other hand, you’re unsure about online dating or want to take things slowly, you can stick to the free features until you’re ready to upgrade.


There is no monthly subscription on the website. You need to become a paid member before you can make use of all the services and features the site has to offer. To chat with users on the site, you need to purchase site credits. Once they have been exhausted, you need to buy more to continue to chat with other singles.

Here are the packages offered:

  • Discount price 19.99$, original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50 (can be purchased three times)

  • Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$, Given credits – 125

  • Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$, Given credits – 250

  • Discount price 149.99$, original price 214.99$, Given credits – 750

Here are the prices of each service:

  • Chat – 2 credits per minute with one particular lady;

  • Chat sticker – 5 credits;

  • Chat photo – 10 credits per photo;

  • Chat video – 50 credits to open

  • The audio message from the lady in the chat – 10 credits;

  • Sending a letter – 30 credits to one particular lady

The more you buy at once, the cheaper it is for you. You may, however, start with the least amount for trial purposes.

How LoverWhirl Customer Support Team Ensures a Smooth Online Dating Experience

24/7 Live Chat Support – One of the standout features of LoverWhirl’s customer support team is their live chat support, which is available 24/7. This means that you can get help with any issue or question you have at any time of day or night. The live chat support agents are knowledgeable and friendly, and will provide prompt and helpful responses to any queries you might have.

Email Support – If you prefer to communicate via email, LoverWhirl’s customer support team also offers this option. Simply send an email to their dedicated support address, and you will receive a response within a few hours. The support team is thorough in their responses and will take the time to ensure that all your questions are addressed.

Phone Support – For urgent or complex issues, LoverWhirl’s customer support team also offers phone support. You can find the phone number on their website, and a support agent will be available to assist you with any issue you might have. The phone support service is available during business hours, which vary depending on your time zone.

FAQs and Help Center – LoverWhirl’s customer support team also has a comprehensive FAQs and help center section on their website. This section contains a wealth of information on how to use the platform, how to troubleshoot common issues, and much more. You can browse through the help center articles at your own pace, and find answers to many common questions.

Proactive Support – Finally, LoverWhirl’s customer support team also takes a proactive approach to ensuring a smooth online dating experience for their members. They regularly send out tips and advice on how to use the platform effectively, and provide guidance on how to stay safe while dating online. They also monitor the platform closely for any suspicious activity, and take swift action to address any issues that arise.

Pros and Cons

To further cement your decision of choosing to use this site, we have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages you may come across so that you would know what to expect.


  • It has a simple user interface and basic design.

  • Free Credits.

  • It is accessible to middle-aged users.

  • It is easy to chat with as many ladies as possible.

  • You get free credits for signing up.


  • It does not have advanced features like other modern dating sites.

  • You need to pay to access some essential features.


LoverWhirl is a best dating site that is suitable for asian singles of different ages, including those over 40. It is licensed to run, has an extensive database, employs good methods to ensure you find a match, and allows for easy navigation with its simple interface. With LoverWhirl, your chances of finding love are very high; you just have to look. Also, be prepared to spend a little bit of money to enjoy optimum user experience and to get the most out of the site. Sign up now!


What is LoverWhirl?

LoverWhirl is an international online dating website that provides a platform for individuals to meet and connect with potential partners.

What services does LoverWhirl offer?

LoverWhirl offers a range of services to facilitate online dating, including creating profiles, searching for matches, communication tools like chat and email, and the ability to exchange virtual gifts. The platform also has translation services to bridge language barriers.

How does LoverWhirl help people find love?

LoverWhirl helps people find love by providing a user-friendly platform where they can create profiles, search for compatible matches, and communicate with potential partners. The site uses algorithms to suggest compatible matches based on user preferences, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner.

How much does it cost to use LoverWhirl?

LoverWhirl typically offers free registration and basic services, but premium features, such as unlimited communication and advanced search options, often require a paid subscription. The pricing structure may vary, so it's best to check the website for current rates.

Are there any security features on LoverWhirl?

Yes, LoverWhirl typically employs security features to protect its users, including profile verification, encryption for data transmission, and measures to prevent fraudulent activity. Users are also encouraged to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

How does the matching process work on LoverWhirl?

LoverWhirl's matching process involves algorithms that analyze user profiles and preferences to suggest potential matches. Users can also use search filters to narrow down their options based on criteria such as age, location, and interests.

What are some tips for getting the most out of LoverWhirl?

    • Complete your profile: A well-detailed profile attracts more attention.
    • Use high-quality photos: Clear and appealing photos can make a difference.
    • Be honest: Honesty is key to building trust with potential partners.
    • Initiate communication: Don't be afraid to start conversations with people you're interested in.
    • Stay safe: Be cautious about sharing personal information and report any suspicious activity.

How does LoverWhirl help protect its users’ data?

LoverWhirl typically employs data protection measures such as encryption to secure user data during transmission and storage. They also have privacy policies and terms of use that outline how user data is handled and protected. Additionally, profile verification and reporting mechanisms help maintain a safe and secure environment for users. Users should review the platform's privacy policy for specific details on data protection practices.

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